Aladina Foundation uses DonaBox Donation boxes

By March 26, 2019 No Comments

Today, the Fundación Aladina is a reality that helps more than 1,500 children and their families year after year throughout Spain within our 12 partnership hospitals.

The Aladina Foundation uses the blue Donabox donation boxes for their fundraising campaign.

Creating a beautiful and thoughtful display for the donation box, they are already fundraising in over 200 stores and we are proud that they keeo using our product and we are sure that the results have been amazing. This fundraising campaign has proven to be a very succesful one and they will keep growing using donabox for their versatility, publicity focused design and donations.

Thank you Aladina Foundation for your trust and exemplary use of our DonaBox donation fundraising boxes. We hope your network of stores, offices and businesses keeps growing like the amazing work that your foundation does.

Aladina Foundation has many companies that have been instrumental in making the campaign a success like Trebol pharmacies and many others that can be seen at #fundacionaladina