Piggy banks in stores: how to collect donations successfully?

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It is common to see that in many establishments and businesses there are piggy banks to raise funds and donations -which vary in causes and organizations- and that many times if it has been done correctly, these can have a good amount of money and be an important source of donations for the nonprofit charity. And what makes some campaigns go well and others not at these locations?

The use of moneyboxes or piggy banks to collect donations has had a strong use over the years for charities and non-profit organizations, and their success has been so great that they are synonymous with raising money for these institutions. And this trend continues to increase thanks to continued government reforms.

However, there is a plethora of factors that can affect the performance of fundraising campaigns and have bad consequences in their results when it comes to placing them in stores and small businesses for a season.

At DonaBox, we have a list of the important factors to take into account so that the organization can benefit greatly from the piggy banks and can attract more donors, followers and donations. And thus be able to help fulfill the objectives of their cause.

1. Site selection

Whether it’s a big business like a supermarket or a small business like a bookstore, the choice of location is paramount. And on this point there are several considerations to take into account, such as:

  • Concurrence: The bigger the flow of people or crowd the establishment has, the better chance for the money box or piggy bank to be seen and collect donations.
  • Target audience: There are places where people are more aware or sensitized to a certain nonprofit cause than in other places. It is important to conduct a small preliminary study to determine where these target audiences are. For example: a campaign that is fundraising to increase awareness about animal abuse and meat consumption could have a greater impact on a market for vegetarians or vegans than on a market where this type of food is sold, or in San Francisco than in Moscow.
  • Cash management: It is essential to choose a location where we know that consumers or customers are more likely to pay cash (bills and coins), and when they are paying for the products, its easy for them to also deposit the change or a bigger donation in the piggy bank. The bakeries and gas stations are examples of good places.

2. The perfect place to collect donations

Once you have selected the location, business or establishment where our donation piggy bank will be placed, it’s important to bear in mind the following:

  • Where it can not be ignored. Place the piggy bank at a strategic location to increase slow moving line of people and high visibility. The best proven location is to place it next to the cash register to take advantage of the fact that the client will have his or her wallet in his/her hand and with this, we reduce the friction when donating.
  • Do not compete with tips. It is common to see in the same businesses, the use of jars or small piggy banks for tips. However, it is essential that the donation box does not replace or be placed right next to these recipients unless its chosen by the staff. Since they are part the employee salary. It is paramount to make the business or store employees feel appreciated because at the end of the day, is thanks to them that your donation box will get filled or kept empty.
  • Beautiful and eye catching design. The piggy banks should have a great design and the nonprofit has to place a well though out display in the front, with a design that shows the message they want to convey and with an invitation for people to donate. When designing the DonaBox, we analyzed more than 35 piggy banks to create the design with a balance between durability, security and beautiful design focused on increasing donations every step of the way.
Donabox piggy banks and donation boxes for nonprofits and charities

3. Secure donations

By establishing the location and the place where the DonaBox or piggy bank will be placed, another concern arises that must be addressed: the security of the piggy bank. It becomes very important that when selecting the donation box, it must be made with strong materials that provide the quality and durability we look for.

This piggy bank will be for cash donations, therefore, it must be guaranteed that it cannot be opened easily by any person, and although it’s not necessary, it always helps to go the extra mile and attach it at the chosen location using an adhesive, nylon or a t-wrap that holds it to the site.

Also it is very important to keep communicating with the shop or office to ensure that the manager knows who can pick up the moneybox, when it will be collected (frequency and ID of the NGO or company) and if its going to be on a regular basis. If the manager knows all of this, it will avoid possible theft or robbery. AJ Fundraising recommend that the frequency of collection be made according to the cost of mobilization of the volunteer or employee, type of trade and area. Maintaining always a control with a specialized software for donation box  fundraising management or an extremely well designed and maintained excel.

The organization must be in constant communication with the workers and business managers to ask about the status of the piggy bank and donations. From there also derives the commitment of these with the cause, foundation or charitable association.

Its easy to obtain outstanding results from a piggy bank fundraising campaign if the campaign is planned taking into account these factors.