Tips for a good campaign with donation boxes

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What you need to keep in mind for a successful nonprofit fundraising campaign

Donabox Tips for a good fundraising campaign with donation boxes

Donation boxes have been a staple in nonprofit fundraising campaigns and efforts for thousands of non-profit organizations throughout the years around the world. Therefore its considered a successful ally, symbol of these social activities: a donation box is a synonym for fundraising.

These boxes, receptacles of the donations that contributors decide to make to organizations to help a specific causes, can maximize the results of a fundraising campaign. Above all if they are well placed, designed and are paired together with a good communication strategy.

At DonaBox, we wanna help you with a few tips that we have learned that will help any nonprofit maximize their fundraising campaign when using donation boxes or piggy banks.

Donation box type

The sizes, materials and quality vary. Therefore you should choose the type of box that goes according to your needs. For instance, if it’s for a long-term campaign, the investment on donation boxes should be focused on resistant and good quality.

And if it’s for a short, one-time and fast campaign, you can select a cheaper, probably tin-can type of donation box. Since the whole purpose of a donation box is to raise funds, the investment must be well made, search for a reusable, resistant, secure and easy to use donation box. We obviously recommend Donabox but there are a couple of other good options out there.

In addition, it is important to consider the size. Depending on the organization and its strategy, if the donation box will be used to raise funds from the hands of a team of volunteers (literally with the donation box in hand) a smaller one is necessary.

Otherwise, if it’s going to be located at the counter inside a friendly establishment, home or office, the donation box should have been design for that. pay close attention to base and display size, transparency and color.

Another important tip is to choose a material that allows the visualization of the money for two main reasons. First, seeing that others have already donated can generate interest in doing so too. And second, the mere fact of having a coin or bill inside will catch the eye of the nearby people for the same reason money never stays on the floor for long, humans place a high value on currency .

Clarity is equal to credibility

Clarity and fundraising good practices

The name of the nonprofit organization and its visual identity (logo) must always be present in the donation box. This is because when donating, people need to know who or what organization is behind the campaign.

Contact information such as telephones, emails, social network links, website and address, are useful to provide greater security to the donor. Thus, he can contact and investigate more about the institution and know in depth the cause and the stories that are behind the image and donation box.

When designing, you can use one of these (for example, website or social links) in the display design of the donation box to avoid overloading, and add the rest in sticker format on the sides of the box or in nearby flyers.

Design and message unified

It’s very important the display design that the donation box will have. However, at this point the greatest challenge arises: identifying and delivering the message and call to action in a clean and simple way, without overloading the design and generating visual impact.

Some of the key points to follow:

  1. Use a clean, eye-catching beautiful photograph, one that gives a hint of what you are about and tells a story.
  2. Minimalist design, a fact or phrase, a call to action and a way to contact or get more information about the nonprofit.
  3. The fact, quote or phrase used should be concise, try keeping it at a two line max.

The choice of color of the donation box can be part of the design and message of the nonprofit. It’s an option that can be beneficial to obtain a less overloaded, cleaner and more efficient result.

An example could be a blue-hued donation box for a campaign that raises funds to raise awareness about autism, since this is the color that represents the cause.

As an extra, try using flyers, pamphlets or brochures and place them next to the donation box to provide more information and all contact channels.

Location and timing are key

Deciding where the donation box will be placed is vital – be it in an institution, business, company or office – since it involves issues such as visibility, empathy and security.

  1. It is important that the box is fixed well at the established point if there is a chance of robbery, for these, we recommend using t-wraps, cord or tape.
  2. The selected point must give visibility and have traffic. In stores it’s advisable to put it near the cash register.
  3. Collect donations regularly, not allowing the donation box to fill up completely to avoid possible incidents. This also depends on the duration of the campaign and and location. A full donabox can have hundreds of EUR, USD, GBP, etc

The organization must be in constant communication with those who work in the establishment, and these people must have knowledge about the cause and the organization.

With these tips, the success of any fundraising campaign with donation boxes is secured!

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